Performance/ Intervention

as part of the „Musiktheatertage 2019 -
Festival for Contemporary Music“ in WUK Vienna / Rundgang of Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Concept: Stefanie Prenn
Scenography & Costumes: Sophie Eidenberger
Performance: Stefanie Prenn, Georg Nussbaumer

For over a year Sophie Eidenberger and Stefanie Prenn (cellist & dramaturg) have been dealing in their project „Ulyssesland“ with the topic of transformational processes, through which they seek for new performative approaches towards James Joyce‘s piece „Ulysses“ and its diverse textural layers.

Finding a certain relation between Joyce‘s literary movement and musical texture, they strive for a visual as well as acoustical experience of the novel, implementing a stream of consciousness. The so called Gilbert scheme serves as a pathfinder through the various parameters given by the novel, helping to access its great deal of motifs.

Always on the watch Eidenberger and Prenn piece by piece stage new associative bits of Ulyssesland.

© Sophie Eidenberger