Art Gallery Kunsthalle Exnergasse
19 - 22/01/2022 Vienna

Concept: Otmar Wagner
Modelmaking: Sophie Eidenberger

In his exhibitory project “Kabinett der Erschöpfung”, Otmar Wagner is oriented towards accumulated, archived material.

Wagner designs a cabinet, a landscape, an island out of all the stuff, the "useless junk" (Georg Christoph Lichtenberg on the Wunderkammer), out of all the materials that have accumulated in his artistic practice. In Wagner's Wunderkammer, the value of things is not negotiated. Things are what they are. In context, they become charged with meaning or disappear, they live or die, depending on how the viewer reads them.
One part of this “Wunderkammer” I contributed to was a set of scale models, all interfering with one another as well as the other objects in the room, playing with means of connotations and shared memory.

In the design I had complete freedom.

© Sophie Eidenberger