Dance Performance

WUK Vienna, 30.04.- 07.05.2022
Choreography: Nikolaus Adler            
Scenography & Costumes: Sophie Eidenberger
Performance: Laura Fischer, Katharina Illnar, Lea Karnutsch, Eva-Maria Schaller, Alberto Cissello, Xianghui Zeng

In his work BRIGHT RED Nikolaus Adler stages the irretrievability of the individual.
With six dancers, Adler examines the interior of the human being and transfers it into a dance of togetherness and counter-togetherness.

If every human being is a book in which the pages of life are constantly being written, what influence do people have on their own text? Nikolaus Adler plays with the idea of viewing humanity as a library. For him, the book stands as a metaphor for us humans as rich and enriched beings.

Thus the choreographer lets the personal movement materials of the dancers meet, whereby they can mix, enrich, disturb or even overwrite each other. And thus always become something new.
BRIGHT RED is a homage to each and every one of us in our unique irretrievability.

© Sophie Eidenberger